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bandeau île de sein camping Kerleyou
Campsite south Finistère » Accès au camping le Kerleyou

Getting to the Campsite

Douarnenez is located in theFinistère department in the region of Brittany.

By car:


  • Paris: freeway to Rennes, no toll expressway Rennes/Quimper (600 km)
  • Nantes: no toll expressway to Quimper (250 km)
  • Rennes: no toll expressway to Quimper (220 km).
    Then from Quimper,
– Quimper Nord exit
– Park Poullig (3rd exit)
– Towards Douarnenez (25 km)

In Douarnenez, follow the signs for TREBOUL (a neighborhood in Douarnenez), towards Plage des Sables Blancs, at the two small roundabouts, head towards Poullan via Rue du Préfet Collignon, then take Kerleyou street.

By air: Airports

By rail: Train station

Quimper (25 km) Transfer to Douarnenez by bus ( “Réseau Penn-ar-Bed” (35 minutes)Price: €2 line 51. Drop-off at the Douarnenez Visitor Center. Bus all the way to the campsite with line n°1, les Sables Blancs, Kerleyou stop with the city buses. “Tud’Bus” phone +33(0)2 98 92 05 42.

bird at Kerleyou Campsite

Useful Information

For electric vehicles, there are 3 charging stations:

  • place Stalingard (downtown Douarnenez)
  • place des 4 frères Kervel (Treboul neighborhood – Douarnenez)
  • Poullan-sur-Mer Commune

And others are coming soon:

  • place Paul Stephan (Ploaré neighborhood – Douarnenez)
  • rue Jean Guellec in Pouldavid


15 chemin de Kerleyou
29100 Douarnenez Treboul
Finistère Bretagne

To access the campsite, head towards TREBOUL and follow the signs for the campsite. The campsite is located up the Rue du Préfet Collignon across from no 89.
Douarnenenz is located in the Finistère department in the Brittany region of France.


+33(0)2 98 74 13 03

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    View of houses by the sea Douarnenez Campsite
    Sea near South Brittany Campsite
    Landscape with beach near Douarnenez Campsite