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Visit Brittany

Discover Brittany and its prestigious sites!

No region offers a greater variety of vacation destinations than Brittany: the seascapes of the Bay of Douarnenez or the Crozon Peninsula, the beaches and coves along the coastal paths, the rich architectural and historical heritage… Brittany never ceases to amaze!

Shows and fest-noz are plentiful, especially during the summer months. Its maritime location gives it the healthiest of oceanic climates, favoring vegetation that is as varied as it is colorful.

Gourmets will not be outdone, for as everyone knows, Breton cuisine is highly appreciated by gourmets.

Our campsite in Brittany is ideally located for discovering Brittany.

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Sightseeing in Brittany

Discover the Pointe du Raz

A must-see site in Brittany, the Pointe du Raz offers breathtaking panoramic views. From the point, you can see the island of sein, beyond which you can make out the AR MEN lighthouse on a clear day.

Between the island and the land lies the terrible Raz de Sein, a marine pass renowned for its danger.

It is recommended to walk around the point, the path follows the edge of the river. These include theinferno of Plogoff, with its sheer cliff face and deafeningly loud waves. The site is particularly impressive when the sea is rough.

It will take you 2h30 on foot to link the 2 points, as the changing light and tidal movements constantly modify the perception and beauty of the site!

Locronan and its architecture

A small town full of character, Locronan will amaze you with its architectural beauty, with houses dating from the 15th and 18th centuries. Listed as a historic monument since 1924, Locronan is a popular holiday destination. Numerous arts and craftspeople have set up shop here, presenting their creations at the Thursday evening Star Market in summer.

The town square takes visitors on a journey back in time, with its magnificent Saint Ronan church, the Saint-Europe fountain and the Rue Moal, all sights that won’t leave you indifferent. Numerous celebrations are held here every year, including the ” May Tree” ceremony, whose origins date back to the dawn of time in Celtic mythology, during which the arrival of fine weather is celebrated.

Numerous hiking and mountain biking trails have been laid out to enable you to discover all the treasures of this exceptional heritage.

Locronan is 15 kilometers from the Kerleyou campsite!

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Quimper, a city of art and history, has more than one marvel to share with you.

Learn about the legend of King Graillon, discover the history of santig Du, stroll through the medieval city, discover the echoes of the markets, the polychromy of Saint-Corentin cathedral, the Quais de l’Odet and the 19th-century footbridges.

Come and discover the capital of Cornouaille and its riches.

Enjoy a good crêpe in one of the many restaurants of the Place au beurre in the heart of the old town. Numerous squares welcome you for a moment of relaxation and strolling. Place Terres au Duc, Place Saint-Corentin, Place BERARDIER , esplanade François Mitterrand.

Don’t forget to visit Locmaria, the birthplace of Quimper earthenware!

Visit the island of Sein

Often battered by winds and waves, theIle de Sein is a small island high above the ocean that you can reach from Audierne, a 20-minute drive from the Kerleyou campsite.

After an hour’s boat ride, you arrive at the end of the world. The island stretches over 2 kilometers and forms an inverted S, with a narrow part just 50 meters wide at its center. To the east of the island, the port and the village with its colorful facades welcome you. The gusts of wind sweep vigorously through the narrow alleyways, in which, it is said, only a barrel can roll.

Past the maze of the village, a small path leads to the western end of the island, towards the Goulenez lighthouse and the Saint-Corentin chapel.

An island without cars, accessible to all, preserved if not timeless. Today, that’s what makes it so charming and unique!

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The Crozon peninsula

The Crozon peninsula lies between the bay of BREST, the bay of Douarnenez and the Iroise Sea. Surrounded by the sea, it is appreciated for the variety of its panorama and its many natural sites. Cap de la Chèvre, Pointe de Toulinguet, Pointe de Penhir, the Roscanvel peninsula and Pointe des Espagnols are among the best known.

The peninsula boastsone of the most beautiful coastlines in Finistère, and there are many walks along the GR34 and the Douaniers trail.

The Kerleyou campsite is an ideal starting point for visiting its breathtaking landscapes.

Stop off at Morgat and visit one of the 400 sea caves, or take a boat trip along Anse Saint-Nicolas, a true marvel!

Le Guilvinec

Le Guilvinec is France’s number 1 artisanal fishing port, with over 1,000 sailors, and is a very active fishing port.

Haliotika, the city of fishing, is a must-see. Come and watch the auction of fritillating langoustines and fish just landed by the fishermen.

On the way back, stop off at Penmarch, at the top of the Eckmühl lighthouse, for a panoramic view of the ocean.

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Discovering Concarneau

In Concarneau, the citadel of the walled town stands between the two ports. The town’smedieval architecture will take you back in time.

Stroll through the narrow streets of the walled town and enjoy its rich historical heritage.

The Glénans archipelago

Les Glénans is a Breton archipelago in the Bay of Biscay, south of Fouesnant in Finistère. After an hour’s boat ride from Bénodet, you arrive on one of the archipelago’s 9 main islands, the islet of Saint Nicolas, home to a few houses and an international diving center.

A footpath leads around the island, and you can also take a guided boat trip from the islet of Saint Nicolas to visit the main islands without docking.

The Glénans archipelago is a real postcard in the middle of the ocean.

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The GR34 hiking trails

If you’re a hiking enthusiast, or simply looking for a change of scenery in the heart of nature, why not stay at the Kerleyou campsite in Douarnenez, close to the GR34 hiking trail.

The GR34 is one of France’s most famous long-distance hiking trails, stretching for almost 2000 km and coveringall the coastal paths of Brittany.

From the campsite, pick up the GR34 at Roches Blanches, and continue along the path towards Pointe du Raz. You’ll need several days to discover the diversity of the points and the richness of the coastline.

Whether you’re in a group, on your own or a couple, Kerleyou campsite is a must on your hiking itinerary.

Tourism in Audierne

A small Breton port with ancient streets,Audierne is the first port you notice, with its cascading houses, when you arrive from Pont Croix.

Situated on the Goyen estuary, at the foot of a wooded hill, you’ll have to make your way to Saint Evette to discover the old fishponds, the large Trescadec beach, and a magnificent view over the Bay of Audierne with the pier for the Ile de Sein.

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Discover pont-l’Abbé

The capital of the Bigouden region, Pont-l’Abbé will introduce you to Breton customs and headdresses at the annual embroiderers’ festival in July.

She specializes in embroidery and doll-making.

Located at the end of an estuary, Pont l’Abbé owes its name to the first bridge built by the abbots of Loctudy between the port and the pond.

Visit Pont Croix

This ancient town lies on the right bank of the Goyen, also known as the Rivière d’Audierne.

Picturesque cobbled streets (where the great August 15th procession takes place) lined with old houses lead down to the bridge over the river.

Take the small and large Rue Chère and discover the picturesque streets of Pont-Croix.

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